My people 2015

My people 2015

Friday, December 26, 2008

Twas Christmas Day...

The end of a hard day!! I don't know how that is comfortable.
Now she can ride with the big boys.
Bring on the Lego's.
Yeah! Princesses and castles!!
Love this one. Their first reaction to eachother's games.

Christmas Day finally and fabulously arrived at our house. It was a great day filled with gifts, excitement, love and fun. We had to wake the boys up at 7:30, Jason was almost more excited than they were. Dylan and Braxton opened their gifts from Santa and from us. Santa brought them each a new XBox game along with stocking stuffers. We got them air soft guns. Well, Jason picked out air soft guns. I know they will love them if we can keep them from hurting eachother first. Then Nati woke up. She got a princess castle and a new doll. She is a bit leary of toys that make noise so I think it might take a minute for her to love her new stuff. The kids played for a bit then we went to Grandma & Grandpa Carter's for breakfast. So yummy! We exchanged gifts there and then headed to my parents for lunch and exchanging there. We were spoiled once again by our families. After eating more than we could handle we came home and just vegged for the rest of the day. It was great!! The kids loved everything they got and we loved watching their faces. I love the magic of Christmas and the joy that it brings. By nighttime Nati was exhausted. Jason and I were watching a movie on the bed, and she crawled on him and dozed off. It's so tiring being a two year old at Christmas. A few days before Christmas the kids and I took around some treats to neighbors and friends. Braxton was the first out of the car, he was so excited to give stuff this year. Dylan picked out a few things for friends and couldn't wait for me to take him so he walked to a couple of neighbor friends. I hope that their spirit of giving continues. I love this time of year and hope that you all had a great Christmas. We are so blessed to have such great family and friends!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day, Prayers, & Dressed Up!

Jason with the kids out front
Natalie enjoying her first time playing in the snow
Is it time for the prayer?
Natalie in her Christmas dress
All three kids dressed up
This is Natalie's first year playing in the snow. Why, you ask? Our stubborn girl wouldn't walk last year, therefore didn't get to go play with the big boys in the snow. She loves it. So much so that she throws her royal fit when it's time to come in. It's hilarious. I still dread the time to bring them all in because of the wet clothes all over but they have a great time so I guess I'll deal with it:)
It was our ward Christmas Party this last Saturday. I haven't been to church since before Thanksgiving because of illnesses of the kids so I wanted to go be social with neighbors. It was a lot of fun. They had the primary kids go up on stage and sing a few songs. Natalie decided she needed to follow and before I could catch her our neighbor lifted her up on stage along with her daughter and they both just stood there. The funny thing was that in between the first two songs Natalie thought it was time for the prayer so she folded her arms and closed her eyes. You have to look close at her to see it - second row in the peach shirt with Braxton & Dylan to the left behind her. It was so cute and innocent. We ate a great dinner and Santa even came.
Jason's cousin got married on Friday so we went to the reception that night. The kids looked so cute and the reception was so nice and fun. Congrats Shanni!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fun Christmas Traditions

Making caramel chocolate covered pretzels with mom and Kellie.
Jason, Dylan & Braxton with their gingerbread house
Spanish Forks' Festival of Lights
The kids looking at the lights, okay Braxton is just cheesing it.

1st picture- Every year the Lee girl's go to moms house to dip pretzels for the holidays. Mom, Kellie, & I dipped til our hearts were content this last Saturday. It's a good thing I got out for a minute because the flu started it's rounds later that afternoon. Good times!!

2nd picture - Jason and the boys went over to Cam & Kate's house to have dinner and make gingerbread houses. They had a great time while I was home with our "throw-up girl". I wish she would have been well so that we could have gone. The kids also exchanged gifts with each other, which they loved.

3rd picture - After being house bound for five days I couldn't wait to get out. We loaded up the kids, including towels just in case, and went to the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork. It was the perfect mini outing for us. The kids loved the lights, especially the dragon and the castle.

4th picture - I tried to get one of all three looking at the fun light creations. Ok, so I'm not a photographer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekly Update

Big news at the Carter home. The flu is here for an extended visit. Jason came down with it last week then the kids started with it on Saturday. Why is it that the mom is always the one that gets to clean it all up? In all honesty Jason is trying, just doesn't have the strongest stomach. So, here's to hoping that they all get over it soon and that we can get shopping done before next Thursday. Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Carter Family Christmas Party

Santa with all of us "kids"
Katy, Savannah, Maddi, Preston & Dan with Santa
Kate, Grace, Blake & Cameron with Santa
Randi, Alexa (not so happy to be there) & Brady with Santa
Chris & Woody with Santa

We went to Grandma & Grandpa Carters for the annual Carter Family Christmas Party. Jason's other aunts and uncles along with some cousins came also. We all ate dinner, played Christmas Bingo and were just chatting away when a visitor came by. Yes, Santa came to see all of the kids. They went crazy. It was hilarious because they were all so excited yet no one was brave enough to be the first to sit on his lap without some major coaxing from parents. The kids all went first then we did family pictures. Jason was home sick so it was just a partial family picture with Santa. Braxton told him that he wanted a Spiderman game, Dylan didn't really say much and Nati was her usual sassy self and wouldn't sit by him without me. It was a fun party.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas with the Girls

Brandi, Danielle, Bethany, me, Shavon, and Julie

These 5 ladies were my very good friends all through our school years. I have been friends with two of them since kindergarten. I love that we get together a couple times a year. We had so much fun together, did some crazy things, and made some great memories. I will always remember when I was in the 6th grade and this little blonde girl named Julie came up to me and said "Are you Beth Larsen's granddaughter?". That is basically where it all started. I don't have very many High School memories that don't include these guys. We were missing some for this dinner. A few have moved away and we missed them so much. We met at California Pizza Kitchen to eat, exchanged gifts and then did some shopping at Provo Towne Center. It was great to compare kid stories and get caught up on eachothers lives. Thank you ladies for a fabulous evening. Bethany, I am still laughing. Can't wait to see you all again!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The First Christmas Party of the Year!!!

A winning team!
Playing Christmas Bingo
The kids with grandma and grandpa.

My parents had a family Christmas party this last Saturday night. My brother Dustin, his wife Kellie and their kids Jaxon, Carter, and Gavin were there also. We ate pizza and played Christmas Bingo. Ok, so the bingo part was interesting. I made the cards from one I found on the internet. It turned out that two had more than one of the same pictures and another two were exactly the same. I really did try!! At least everyone got a prize and had a great time. Thanks for starting off the season in such a fun way Mom & Dad. We love you!!!

Thanksgiving Festivities

The man of the season. Natalie wasn't quite sure of him but she did ok. Brax was disappointed that he forgot to bring his list. Dylan is getting to that age. Oh how I wish the magic would last forever.
Every year Jason's mom takes all of the grandkids to Hallmark to pick out an ornament. They love it and get so excited to go. Dylan picked Jack Sparrow, Braxton picked Star Wars and Natalie picked Tigger. After the ornaments we saw Santa (above picture). Shockingly there wasn't a line and we were out of there in record time.
Thanksgiving day at grandma's-painting ceramic figures. Notice half the kids undressed!
Me & mom with grandma & grandpa.
Nati eating stuffing out of the bowl.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. We actually did two dinners in a three hour period this year. This was Grandma Beth's last year hosting dinner so I felt like I needed to be there for that, but it was Jason's family's year so we ate twice. Grandmas was great. I haven't been able to have Thanksgiving with my brothers in about 7 years because of the schedule so it was really fun to be with Dustin and his cute family. After Beth's dinner we went to Jason's parents. The whole family was there so it was great. After dinner the kids painted little ceramic figures and we ate dessert. It was a memorable Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look out Bella, Here comes Beth.

Watch it Edward-that's my Grandma. Or....I mean, watch it Grandma that's my Edward.
Beth swooning!

Four generations of Edward fans

I couldn't resist. My good friend and neighbor, Becca, bought this lifesize standee of Edward for her preshow party. We all got some fun pictures that night but sad to say, Grandma Beth was out of town and didn't get to join in on the fun. She has read all of the books and loves them. She has an "I love Edward" shirt which she wears proudly, she says she would leave her window open if she though a visitor might drop by. She is a true fan. So, I had to get her and Edward together. I called Becca and she so nicely let me bring Beth and mom over for a short visit. But I only told Beth that I was taking her to meet someone special. To get her prepared I told her to get in Twilight mode to which her reply was "Am I going to meet Stephenie Meyer?" Oops, maybe not that Twilighty. Anyway, we knocked on the door and when Becca opened it to reveal my surprise Betty went crazy. It was better than I imagined. She hugged him, leaned on his shoulder, and dipped him for some pictures. It was so worth it! Thanks so much Becca, you truly made Grandma's year.

My Thankful List

My sister-in-law inspired this one - thanks Katy. With Thanksgiving just around the corner I think we all take a good look at our lives and give thanks for all that we have. I am most thankful for:
-my wonderful husband who works so hard and has been my lifesaver, especially lately with trying to keep up with kids, preschool, house, and enrichment. He has been so great!
-my 3 kids. There are days that I want to pull my hair out but with the love my kids bring to me, I can honestly say that life couldn't get any better. They are my miracles.
-my parents. They are my examples, my friends, and the first ones besides Jason that I call when I can't wait to tell someone something exciting. They are my lifeline.
-Jason's parents. They raised such a great person. They are fabulous grandparents and I love them for supporting us in all we do.
-my brothers. My angels, my friends. Each one is one I couldn't live without. You guys are great and I love you for always taking care of your "little" sister.
-my sister-in-laws. Growing up without sisters makes me appreciate having them now.
-my house and neighborhood. I love where we live. We have a great house that I never plan on moving from and neighbors and ward members that make it "home" here.
-the church. There aren't words for this. I wouldn't be here without it and I treasure it so very much.
-my freedom. I am so grateful for the lives lost and the ones fighting for us today. We are very blessed to live here and to have the things that we use daily.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A year of anticipation...

Julie, Shavon & I waiting...
Me & mom waiting...
Me, Julie, & Shavon with Edward
Eating dinner

Well, we made it. Twilight hit the big screen last night at midnight and I was able to go to a midnight showing of it at Provo Towne Center. I still remember last November when they cast Kristen Stewart and I started getting excited even then. Then came Rob Pattinson and the rest of the cast. I have to say that I did like the entire cast even though at first I was skeptical of a few. A neighbor just down the street secured a theater and sold tickets which made it great for those that went because we didn't have to wait in line, the seats were assigned. I went to dinner with my mom, Shavon, Julie, & Michelle to Art City Trolley, which was fabulous. Who doesn't love their salads? We had a great time and got eachother so excited for the event. Then came the ice cream party at Becca's. She is so much fun, always wanting to make these things more fun for everyone. She totally decked out her house for Twilight; from the red & white lights outside along side the motorcycle, to the overwhelming and fantastic life size standee of "Edward". Yes, our Edward was there. We all went crazy getting pictures with him. My camera was having issues so I might just have to borrow him again. She invited lots of friends who all brought an item to mix with ice cream. She also had different "hints" of Twilight around the house, for example a fork, red ribbon, an egg, costume werewolf hands, and tons of other reminders. We left her house and a few got to ride in Shavons suburban with the Twilight license plate-it just kept getting better and better. We got to the theater and found our assigned seats and awaited the big reveal. I won't give my critique of the movie. I really tried to go in with a good attitude so that I wouldn't be let down. In all honesty, I liked it-didn't love it like I thought I would. Maybe I just need to see it again to get another dose of it. It was a fun night filled with good food, good friends, and a good movie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Braxtons Fort

We've been working on getting the kids to keep the toys and messes to the downstairs. The living room lately has been in sad shape between preschool and just everyday chaos. Braxton took this to heart and made his own fort downstairs, with the help of Jason. It's been up for two days now and he thinks it's pretty neat. Lucky for Natalie and I, he has allowed only us two girls in it. I know I should be glad that he doesn't want anything to do with girls. I just wish there was a middle ground. At least he likes me - for now anyway!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Excuse me, you bought what?!

Everyone knows how much I love my husband, the father of my children, my best friend, our provider. He is so great, so supportive of everything I do including my obsession of Twilight. There has only been one time that I have questioned his frame of mind. It was about 3 weeks ago. His brother has a rental in Las Vegas which was abandoned by their renter at the time and left a wreck, literally. Cam needed to go down to make repairs and get it cleaned up for a new renter. Jason went with him to help with whatever he could. I was fine with him going even though he had been gone a lot before that. They left on Thursday afternoon and planned on coming home on Sunday. Friday night he called to chat & check on the kids. He told me that they had just been to RC Willey to get a couple of things for the house and he tells me "I bought something." First thought - he's at RC Willey and this can't be good. Second thought - expensive. Third thought - it's a good thing he's not close. He said "I bought a couch. It's a leather one that has a lay-z-boy on each side. It's so great. Oh, it was only $100." The money part wasn't near as shocking as I anticipated, I actually didn't hold my breath for too long before he told me how much it was. It was on clearance and has one minor flaw - one of the sides doesn't come out. I had a heart attack thinking he bought a major piece of furniture that I wasn't there to help pick out. Good thing it doesn't look too bad, although we really didn't need it or have a lot of room for it. After a little time to digest it I am alright with it, it gives me "ammo" for the future. All you wives understand exactly what I'm saying right? It does hide the remote controls and keep drinks nicely out of Nati's reach. Good thing he's cute!! Love you honey!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


The queen of peanut butter cups
The four chocolate dipping girls
My hard work - tiny bits of chocolate!

I know its fall and getting close to Christmas when Grandma Larsen wants to get going on the chocolate making. This is one of my most favorite things. Each year, maybe not quite this early, she & I make her peanut butter cups for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She had to do it a little earlier this year so we did it this morning. I even got my mom to come, which doesn't happen very often. The boys went fishing early so it was just the girls. It's one of those things that I know won't happen forever so I need to appreciate it while it does. She makes the best home-made peanut butter cups ever! I love hanging out with her and just chatting for a while. Nati got her fill of chocolate also. We dipped, ate, laughed, ate more and then went to lunch with Grandpa. I had so much fun. Love you Grandma!!

Happy Halloween

The kids & I with my mom
My kids with Grace & Blake (niece & nephew)
Preschool kids
I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. We had a fun filled day! I taught pre-school in the morning. The kids came dressed up and we had a party that consisted of watching a Halloween movie, making a Halloween necklace, and decorated cupcakes. They looked so cute and had a fun time. I knew I needed to dress up but didn't put much thought into it so I just wore my poodle skirt with Jason's letterman jacket, ponytailed my hair with a ribbon and called it good. One little girl wanted to know what I was. Braxton told her that I was a cheerleader. Dylan thought I was a college girl. I obviously need to prepare more next year. We started making the rounds at around 4. We went to my grandmas, then Jason's parents, then had pizza with my parents. We got home at 7 and Dylan went off with his friends to trick-or-treat. Jason attempted to take Nati and Brax but only made it around the corner when Braxton freaked out and ran back home because "it is just so dark". Nevermind that there were tons of other kids out there and it is our neighborhood. I broke out the light sticks and he was good to go. They still only made it around the block and had had enough. Dylan had fun with his buddies. It was nice to have the weather good for the kids. All in all - a good Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Preschool, Pumpkins & Parties - oh my!

The kids displaying their pumpkins
A collection of Carter Family Pumpkins

Nati shirtless

Dylan really getting into it

Preschool kids with their fabulous finds

Having fun in the maze

At the Fall Festival

The Storm Trooper, Ninja, and Pirate Princess

We've had a busy week. I took the preschool kids to the pumpkin patch last Wednesday. They had a blast picking out the best pumpkins. They walked from one end of the patch to the other until they each found the ones they were looking for. We also had our ward's Fall Festival this last Saturday night. Jason was determined not to dress up this year - the party pooper. The kids were excited to get to wear their costumes and go hang out. The food was great, tons of fun games for the kids, and we got home at a decent time. The next night we carved pumpkins with Jason's family. Jason's mom makes "dinner in a pumpkin" which is so good. We eat and then get carving. My sister-in-law brought paint for the kids to decorate their pumpkins which required the removal of Natalie's shirt-white, new, any questions! She thought it was great. Half of the other kids had to follow suit and took their shirts off also. It was a fun night and we ended up with some pretty neat carvings. It was a great week to start the holiday off.