My people 2015

My people 2015

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Extreme Fun!!

Lowe's Extreme Air Sports
The kids love it there. Dylan has been there several times with friends. We all went for my niece, Audrey's birthday and then took McKenzi there while she was here. I was hesitant to get out there at first but it was fun and a great workout.

Firework Fun

July was a whirlwind of fun. To celebrate the 4th of July I took the kids to the Owlz Baseball game on the 3rd. It was hot but the kids had fun - although we left before the fireworks and Braxton sat by himself trying to catch a fly ball. The 4th was spent at a BBQ with my family and then
 with neighborhood friends for fireworks.
Nati's fun at the Owls game

Yup, he sat there waiting and waiting

Fun game on the 3rd. 

 Neighborhood fireworks
 The kiddos at Cam & Kate's Sidewalk of Fire on the 24th. We had a blast with the Carter family.
 She loves sparklers now.
Braxton talked his dad into letting him light a couple of smaller fireworks.

Lee Family Wanna Be Pictures

Wanna be Family Pics 2012
My oldest brother and his family were here in July. They haven't been here for 2 years so we really wanted to get some family pictures. We had it all arranged, everyone knew when, where, what to wear. It was all going to be great. Well, in true family picture form where last minute drama is almost required, we had drama. Danny, my brother just older than me, for some unknown reason didn't show up. The weather was not good (the one day it was cloudy) so we had to bag our original location and just did these in my parents back yard. So, weather and Danny kind of put a damper on it all. But..... we took some anyway and I think they turned out ok.
My cute family

Mom and Dad with all the grandkids minus 2 :(

Yup - no Danny.

Me & my cute mom.

Dustin, Chris & I. Still no Danny.

My cute munchkins

Carter girls.

Just a cute candid one of Nati

Yes, he is really that much taller than me.