My people 2015

My people 2015

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Fix it

Not unlike many people I have a laundry hamper. I love my hamper, so much so that it's been on it's last leg for a while. Pieces have fallen off and the actual material is barely hanging onto the frame that is also falling apart. Lucky for me, Mr. Fix-it lives with me. One day last week I was doing laundry and complaining about the fact that my whole laundry system was in jeopardy when Mr. Fix-it came in and took over. He used pipe cleaners to hold the material to the frame then scoured the entire house to find a screw to hold the one part of the frame that had fallen off. He tried to use a screw driver but it didn't work so he used the drill to get it in (with the supervision of his Dad). With extreme "coolness" gleaming from his every pore he asks "Why do they call it a screw driver? You can't drive it, it doesn't have enough room for people to sit in it, it doesn't have a license or a license plate." After our giggling we tried to explain it to him and now he is after anything that needs fixing. So, be warned - Braxton is out there looking for projects.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Queen for a day

What a sight to behold.
Yes, she's feeding her baby with a syringe.
The master designer.
Feathers down the hall for the Queen.

Oh, I love being a mom! I mean that seriously. Yesterday was one of those days where you see something that just makes it all worth it. I had just showered and opened the bathroom door to find quite the surprise. Braxton made Natalie into a queen. He got her Easter dress from last year, fairy wings, church shoes, necklace, bracelet and put it all on her. He also got the dress that matches her's for her doll to wear. So when I walked out, I was in the presence of "The Queen". It was so cute. Oh, and she had just eaten some Oreo's so that just topped off the outfit. So I laugh and tell them how great it is and Braxton is just as proud as he could be. Then I go to get the camera and..... there are feathers all over the floor. Braxton told me - "that's what they do for queens." He pulled a lot of the feathers off of her little boa. It's now bald in a few spots. One of those precious moments.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009....A year of Miracles

Chris with Myah.
Mom's last chemo treatment.The short hair that is still short. I may never go long again.
Danny, Kacen and Jentry.

I decided a while ago that this blog is more like my journal/scrapbook. My intention is to, at some point in time, have it all printed out and bound for a scrapbook. So this particular post is more for me than an update for you all. You all know it all anyways:) As 2009 came to a close I thought a lot about all that the year brought to my life. It is definitely one for the record books. It all started on January 6th with mom revealing that she had found a lump. Strange to think that it was one year ago almost to the day. Our lives turned upside down and flipped over. While the cancer treatments and different things started taking place we were planning a wedding for Danny. We were so excited that he had finally found "the one". Jentry is such a sweetheart and is so good for Danny. In February my oldest brother Chris came for a visit. He was having a hard time being so far away and not being able to see mom and how she was doing. That was the weekend that we all wacked our hair off. The boys went bald and I went short. It was great to be all together, even though the circumstances weren't that great. Mom kept up with working and doing chemo, taking a week off after each treatment. Time went by so slow. I was wanting it all over for her. May came, along with chemo being done. Yeah!!! We had a bridal shower for Jentry and finally found a dress for mom for the wedding. She was so concerned about not wanting to look sick. On May 27th miracle #1 came to us. Little Myah Katherine was born. After 9 years of waiting & trying everything, Chris & Andrea were blessed to have another baby. She is a keeper. We love her so much and can't wait to see them this summer. On May 30th miracle #2 took place. Danny got married!! She said "I do" and it was a beautiful wedding. From the amazing decorations, valet parking, astonishing dinner and fabulous reception.... I think he agrees that she was worth the wait. School was out and the summer was under way. Mom had surgery in June and it went as well as we could have hoped, considering the fact that there were 2 Kathie Lee's getting the same surgery on the same day. We had a fun time at the ball park between Jason playing, Dylan playing and Braxton playing, it was great. Dylan's team took 1st place! We started getting ready for school to start and for mom to finish radiation. On September 2nd miracle #3 took place. She was declared cancer free. Words cannot express our joy. The thought of not having her here brings me to my knees. She fought and won. She doesn't think that she is as strong as she is, but we all know better. A few days later we went to Disneyland. It was a time to celebrate. I'm already for another trip back. In October miracle #4 came to us. Grandpa Ned had a massive stroke and survived. He is doing great, moving around, getting his own mush in the mornings and using his pitchfork to help him walk around outside. Farmer to the core! It truly has been a year to remember. Part of me is so glad that it's over, but an even bigger part is so glad that I got to be a part of it. Sounds strange I know, but I got to be there to take care of my mom after her taking care of me my entire life, to get the 2nd phone call saying that Myah was here, to watch Danny get married, to see Grandpa walk. As hard as it was I am so blessed to have seen it all. It has changed my perspective on life and (I hope) made me a better person. I appreciate things a little more. I don't worry about the small stuff that really doesn't matter. As long as I have my family, the rest can stay by the wayside. Sure, I have set goals - one being to lose a few pounds but really, who cares? In the grand scheme of things I just want to have things normal - well, as normal as they can be. Life goes on and I just want to enjoy all that it has to offer. I hope that 2010 brings as much joy as 2009 did - I'd take a little less drama though. Here's to hoping for a great year.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Kelly with Gillian, me with Natalie and Michelle with Lindsay.
Banging away.
Oh the silliness.
Half awake - half asleep. It was all we could do to get Natalie to stand straight. Poor girl.
Natalie and her bestest buddy Lindsay
The older kids playing Apples to Apples. I think they laughed more than they actually played.

We had some friends over to celebrate the New Year. As usual, lots of food, games for the kids and getting to chat with good friends. We ate first, then sent the kids downstairs to play XBox. A short while later the dads went down to check on the kids, the kids came up while the dads "made the sound a little better". Huge thanks to Clint for making the floor shake while playing Guitar Hero - we all needed that!! Our initial plan was to ring in the New Year with NY at 10. Well...we kind of forgot and had to do it at 11. Natalie was a bit delirious at that point. I brought out the pots and pans, gave them each a set and they went outside to bang in 2010. They weren't quite sure of the idea of pots and pans at first but got the hang of it real quick. It was a great night.

Ready, set, go!

"Faster Dad, faster."
Dylan is a pro on the mini. Sad to say, he was so much littler when we bought it. Next thing you know he will need a big one just like his dad. Oh, the joys of kids getting older & bigger.

With all of the snow storms that have come our way there is no need to go sledding up the canyon. As the boys put it "we have the technology right here". We pulled out the two four-wheelers and Jason and Dylan took turns pulling Nati & Brax around the neighborhood. They had a blast. It was great for me also - run outside when they come into view to get a couple of pictures, then go back in where it's warm.