My people 2015

My people 2015

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're going to the zoo!

Look how big!!
Us posing with the Gorilla.
Braxton & I in the gopher holes. He loved it!
Chillin' in the playground.
I thought it was funny - Someone with almost the same name on the pavers.
If you look hard enough through the dirty glass you can see the tiger.
The one thing Brax was so excited to see - the snakes.
Nati & Brax by the porcupine.
Climbing on the elephant.

Braxton's class, along with the other 1st grade classes went to Hogle Zoo last Friday. Nati & I went along with them. Each parent helper was assigned another child besides their own to keep track of. I hadn't been to the zoo in years, so I was a little excited as well. Sad thing was half of the zoo was shut down because the animals died. So sad! I would have titled this post "Lions, Tigers & Bears" but the only one out of those animals that we saw were the tigers. We walked around the zoo for a bit then met with all of the classes for lunch. After lunch the kids had to get back on the bus and go back to school. My sister-in-law lives close so she brought her kids and came with Nati & I to find the Gorilla once the other kids left. It was fun but I was so sad that most of the animals were gone. The kids didn't notice anything different so I guess it was a success.

Fall Project

I have been itching to brighten up my living room for months now & FINALLY got inspired to do it. Ok, really I have only done one thing, but it's one less thing to do. We have dark wood floors, dark leather furniture and dark accent pieces. I narrowed down the possible things to change - definitely not doing the floor again and the sofa set is newer and doesn't need to be replaced so I went with the accent pieces. This particular one is from my Grandma Lee's house. It was in her basement and I came across it just in passing when the kids were cleaning things out to sell the house when she died. I painted it black right off & it was good for a while. It isn't built the best but I can't bare to part with it and it holds my books, so I love it. But if you've seen my living room you will understand my need to lighten it up. So, I spent 2 days painting it and putting a light stain on it. I think it looks so much better and makes the room lighter. Next up is the coffee table!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Student of the Week

Braxton had a super busy week. Here's how it went:

Monday - had to miss recess because he took his silly bands to school and was playing with them during class time.
Tuesday - got in trouble because he got in a fight at school. "He started it." - Braxton
Wednesday - Good in school.
Thursday - Good in school.
Friday - Awarded Star Student Award.

I'm not sure how we went from big time trouble to Star Student, but we did. We're so proud of him for working so hard to be good in school. Way to go Braxton!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get Smarter....Vote for Carter

Dylan ran for student council this year. He and his good friend Wyatt (with the help of their so kind mothers) made posters to hang in the hall. He debated on his slogan. It was between "If your willin' Vote for Dylan" and "Get Smarter....Vote for Carter". He decided on the second one. He was nervous and really wanted to get in the presidency. This is the first year that they have had a 6th grade student council. The top 8 got in with the top 4 being in the presidency. So, I picked him up the day of the elections. He walked toward me, looking a little down and I thought "No, he's going to be so sad." I asked how it went and he said "I didn't get in the top 4." He paused and then said "but I got in the top 8." He is the classroom representative for his class. They are getting shirts with their names on them and attending a conference in November. They went around to all of the different classes to introduce themselves last week. And Wyatt is the President so we had 2 very excited boys. We're so proud of him. Way to go Dylan!!

Back to Preschool!!

Natalie started preschool!! Yeah! She has been so excited to go back to school and ride the bus. Her best buddy Riley goes to school with her. I love that she is so excited for school. And yes, I love the 3 hours of quiet time for me. She comes home so happy and wants to show me all that she has made.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Deacon

with Grandpa and Grandma Lee and Grandma Larsen
with Grandpa and Grandma Carter
the backyard party
Our happy family
Handsome boy
The picture that brings tears to my eyes.
His birthday cake
The new suit
His sketchbook

I swear it was just yesterday that Dylan was learning to ride a bike, playing his first game of baseball and becoming a big brother. How time flies! Along with turning 12 he was ordained a Deacon. It's one of those bitter sweet life experiences. I am so proud of him for working so hard to be finish his Faith in God book and for being such a good boy. Another part of me is sad that that part is over and he is moving on and becoming the person he is meant to be without my constant help, he's doing it all on his own. We had his grandparents over for cake and ice cream on his actual birthday. He got a new suit, other clothes and a sketch book. That Sunday he had his interview with the Bishop and recited the 13th Article of Faith in sacrament. He did great. He was ordained after church. The Bishop later told me that the interview with Dylan was the best he's ever had with a young man. I think we might be doing something right. We had the entire family over for dinner that night to celebrate.This last Sunday he was able to pass the sacrament. Jason was home with a sick Braxton and had to miss it. Dylan didn't miss a beat. He said he was a little nervous but he didn't show it. Nati wanted him to stop & give her a hug - super cute. We are so proud of him in all he has done and all he wants to do. He is a great example to me and makes all of the hard work of motherhood totally worth it.