My people 2015

My people 2015

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nati's Doll House

Nati was the beneficiary of a lot of fun stuff from a good friend of mine. This is her favorite thing - the doll house. She has had so much fun with it all. There are so many fun things to put in it and she is always rearranging the furniture and having little converstaions with the people. I love listening outside her room to her fun time with the doll house. Huge thanks to Amber for making Nati's day!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Live wElle 2011

Live life, live it wElle

The little dots are the balloons. Nati loved it!

Brax just finishing his race.

Nati and her little friend, Lindsay. All ready to run!!

All smiles!!

My amazing mom & I.
Kelly & I.

My favorite race of the year!! It's only a 5k but I love, love, love it!! The spirit of the whole thing is amazing. My kids have ran it the last few years as well. Dylan ran the 5k along with my mom & I. Dylan beat his time from two years ago by almost 5 minutes - yeah Dylan!! I only had one goal - to get under 25 minutes. I didn't care if it was 24 minutes and 59 seconds, I just wanted under the 25 minute mark. Things were going good, I was feeling good..... until I got close enough to see the clock showing 25:05. Oh the sadness!! I got 25:09. 10 seconds short of my goal. Next year I will do it for sure. Brax & Nati both ran their races so well. Brax was excited that he wasn't 2nd to last this year and Nati - well, we were just happy she ran hers. Mom took 2nd place in her age group. She did so great!! The event always ends with the releasing of the balloons to the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", which always makes me cry. Such a great day and such a great event!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He's moving up!

Well, he's done with elementary school. His graduation was last week. It was a perfect little ceremony - the student council told about different memories of grade school, the teachers said a few words and then they handed the certificates out. Apparently he is referred to as Dylan Dillpickle Carter because that is the name they said as he got his certificate. All of the 6th graders got to stay at the school after for a late night party.

Best Buddies - we love Wyatt. They are together more often than not. He even called me "mom" the other day.
with Mrs. Snow - great teacher. She came into a hard situation 2 months into school and did such a great job.

me with my boy who is almost (do I dare say within an inch) as tall as me. We are so proud of him. He did so great all year long and had so much fun on student council.

Him with his crew of friends.

The student council got to tell about a memory from their grade school experience. Dylan told about the 4th grade Mother & Son Dance.

with a proud grandma.

This was on their certificate. I love the quote.

Wow! He's moving on to Junior High. Before I know it he will be driving and leaving on a mission. We are so proud of him and don't know what life would be like without him - maybe a little less driving for perpetrator and a little less worrying about all of these girls that show up here or call him - but it's all worth it. He's a keeper!!