My people 2015

My people 2015

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My new best friend

Yup, it's a bag of Robin Eggs. It's been a hard week. And by hard week, I mean HARD week. Braxton got sick late Saturday night which resulted in a fever of 103 which resulted in a late night horrific doctors visit only to learn that it's a virus which resulted in him staying home from school and Jason starting to not feel so good. Dylan had the school Spelling Bee on Tuesday which didn't go so hot which resulted in tears because kids say mean things (please talk to your kids about being nice to someone especially after the spelling bee.) He also had a basketball game that night but because Braxton & Jason were sick it resulted with him having to go without us which broke my heart especially after his hard day. And then..... Nati was up all night with a fever of 103. Oh & did I mention that it was my moms 60th Birthday Wednesday??? Nope, I didn't. Due to it being her 60th my brother flew in with his baby which resulted in my having to pick him up which resulted with Jason being home sick with 2 sick kids. AND, it was moms 20th anniversary with FWB last year but because she was so sick a year ago they put off the big party until this year and had a big surprise party this year. After another, much better doctors visit for Nati, it was decided that I would be the only one going to moms party. So, with trying to make sure all of her friends were invited to the secret party, planning her actual party, & dealing with everyone sick I sort of lost it and bought a big old bag of Robin Eggs and I ate the entire thing all by myself. Yup, it's a ton of fat calories and major carbs but I DON'T CARE!!! Sure, I signed up to run a big race in June which I am so not ready for, but hey... those Robin Eggs saved my sanity. I don't have one single picture of moms parties but I am still here thanks to lots of fat grams.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing Hank Williams

It was the 5th Grade Wax Museum this past week. Each of the kids pick a state and do a HUGE State Report on that state: everything from a picture of the license plate to all geographical information. It took the first part of the year to get it done. Then they get to pick a famous person from that state to portray in the Wax Museum. Dylan had the state of Alabama. We learned a lot about Alabama and he chose Hank Williams as his person. He had to memorize a 4 lined speech so that when people pushed his "button" (each kid had a paper button that you could push to hear their speech) he could recite it. We borrowed the guitar from a friend and the rest of the outfit came from grandpa. It was incredible. All of these 5th Graders dressed up with props and everything just standing still until someone pushed their button. We went and had so much fun walking around the different rooms pushing almost all of the buttons. One of my favorites was Lucille Ball - red, curly wig, polka dot dress and all. They gave out awards to the best yesterday and Dylan got "Best Portrayal of Hank Williams". He had that twang down pat. It was great.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


There are all kinds of signs in life. These are my favorites. Braxton is all about making signs on his bedroom door. Dylan started it also. My boys are so cute.

Dylan loves his bulletin board. He started putting things on it the other day and yesterday I noticed the newest thing "Never forget about cancer."
This is at the end of the hall to let everyone know which way to his room and which way to Dylan's room.
Not sure what this says but it's cute.
No Girls Allowed Just Boys. He listed all of his friends that are allowed to enter.
"Enter Braxtons room. I'm relaxing."
"Wait a Minute."The door that gets more signs added each day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Being spoiled.

Every once in a while I get spoiled. I fully admit it. About once a year I have a weekend that is perfect. Not that all of the other weekends are bad - I just love being spoiled once in a while. This last weekend was "it". Jason & I went out with some friends for dinner and a movie Friday night and I was so excited for that. We tried to think of how many times we got a date night last year and sad to say it was maybe twice for the entire year. So, due to lack of date nights, I was pleased with that night out. Then, as if the heavens themselves opened up, Danny called Saturday and said that they had 2 extra tickets to the Jazz game. This was at 4 - we had to leave by 5. I found a babysitter, very last minute, got ready and we were off. YEAH for us!!! I didn't know what to do. Two date nights in a row - what did I do to deserve this? We met up with Danny, Jentry & the others and ate dinner in the Lexus Club and went to watch the game. After about 2 minutes, Jason looks at his seat and notices that he is right on the mid-court line. He was in heaven. 3rd row, mid court, life was good. They brought us drinks every quarter and treats for the first and second half. The game was fabulous. My hands hurt from clapping, my throat was sore from screaming. Huge thanks to Danny & Jentry!!! It was a fabulous weekend. That is until the morning - we woke up to Braxton throwing up and Dylan's asthma a bit bad. At least I had two good nights.

On a side note: I was going to take pics of dinner but Danny said that it might be tacky. In light of that fact that Thomas S. Monson sat where we were sitting 2 weeks ago, I relented and just lived in the moment. I also wanted to take a pic of the sign outside the door to the Lexus Club but Jason said that I looked too touristy.
Our Lexus seats with treats, drinks, our own tv's (as if we weren't close enough).
Danny & Jentry.The start of a time out.
It's so hard to see the score when your down there so far. HEHE!!
Boozer & Williams.
Game over, back to reality.
Come down from cloud 9.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All Jazzed up!!

Dylan went to the Jazz game a couple of weeks ago. My brother, Danny, has some fabulous connections to someone with front row seats. He & Jentry were taking Kacen to his first game and asked if Dylan could go also. Dylan's joy was unrestrained. He told everyone that he was going and just how great his seat was, although he hadn't sat there yet and was just taking our word for it. They went and had dinner in the VIP room and had a fabulous night. He was in heaven for days afterward. Many thanks to Danny & Jentry for taking him and buying him his favorite Jazz player jersey as a keepsake.

Dylan and Kacen
right close to the action
"This is the good life."