My people 2015

My people 2015

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh boy....

Roasting hot dogs.
look out, Brax has his stick!
thinking they are pretty darn cool.
a mothers greatest fear!!

Although it snowed today we have been getting excited for spring and summer. We built a fire pit this last week and got it done just in time to enjoy it once before the storm. Jason & I had been watching DIY trying to get good, affordable ideas to build one ourselves and after a quick trip to Home Depot we got all that we needed to do it. I have to give Dylan credit for digging out the grass and helping level it all out. He did great. We finished it and roasted hot dogs that night. The kids think it's great. The fire pit is all part of our "making memories" idea. Our other "making memories" idea, rather Jason's other "making memories" idea was getting himself and Dylan dirt bikes. Yup, I said dirt bikes. We already have 2 four wheelers, one being a child size one for Braxton to ride because I refuse to let him ride a dirt bike. But what is dirt biking without all of the gear??? I quickly got an answer to that question - you have to have the shirts, padding, helmets, socks, gloves, pants..... the whole thing. It's been lots of fun at the Carter house. They have only been able to go riding once but they can't wait to go again. Can't you just see it now - Natalie out there in a few years with her pink bike stuff on? We are having fun and most certainly making memories.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's great to be 4!

Her 4 year picture - don't know why it's sideways.
enjoying her party.
the cupcakes
more & more presents.
playing "Pin the nose on the Minnie"
Blowing out the candles - notice Dylan's hand over Braxton's mouth - nice!!
My cute little Minnie!
I just loved this picture of her. I told you she was super excited.
Her new ride.

My baby is 4 (sniff, sniff). Her birthday was this last Tuesday. She is coo-coo crazy over Mickey Mouse so we had a Mickey Mouse party for her. She was so super excited for her party. We had grandmas & grandpas come over Monday night for the official cake and candles and then I decided to go out on a limb and have a few friends over for her party the next day. We borrowed a Minnie costume from a friend and Nati loved wearing it - all except the tail. She looked so stinkin' cute. We played lots of games, opened gifts and had Mickey Mouse cupcakes. I think the kids had fun and she loved every second of it. Oh.... and then Jason, Dylan and I ditched Nati and Brax with Jason's parents and went to a Jazz game. I know what your thinking - I'm a bad mom. My whole family (adults) were all going and sitting in the suite so... she's 4 and hopefully won't remember. It was a crazy few days but so fun for her. We got her a little power wheels truck in light of the fact that the boys all have fun things to drive around. She loves it and we have cruised the neighborhood a few times trying to get her used to steering, which hasn't happened yet. She looks everywhere but the road in front of her. It's good times!! Happy Birthday to my baby!! Love her so much!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hippity, Hoppity...

Easter festivities this year were pretty basic. Friday night we colored eggs. I had told the kids we would do it all week long and finally did then. I think it's so fun to color them but the smell is something I could do without. We went to my parents Saturday morning'ish for an egg hunt and lunch. With the weather being what it was we celebrated inside. Sunday we had lunch and another hunt with Jason's family following our own little hunt at home. Despite the weather it was a fun Easter weekend.