My people 2015

My people 2015

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cops and robbers

I have been meaning to tell this outrageous story for some time but for whatever reason haven't until now. Dylan and his 2 good friends had quite the night about a month ago. Here's how it all went down. The 3 boys were at one of their houses for a late night. This particular boys' parents left for dinner right after his older brother and his friends left for the night leaving Dylan and the other 2 home alone. They were playing Xbox and happened to look out the window to see several figures sneaking across a field towards the house. They started to panic, locked all the doors and kept watch out the windows. The perps were dressed in dark clothes and were getting too close to the house - right on the walk around porch so the boys turned on all of the lights inside but still heard door nobs being moved. Here is where I get a little hmmm... mystified at their actions. Instead of staying inside and calling the police they sneak out a side door and start running away from the house. They run about 6 blocks to an aunts house to call for help. Keep in mind that they had cell phones on them and could have, at any point, called while running (which I still wonder about) and had police there sooner, not to mention call their parents sooner. So - I go to pick Dylan and one friend up at about 10 pm. I'm in my pj's and really not looking so cute. They come out and tell me I need to come inside and talk to the police. First thought - "What did you do?" I went inside (in my pj's) to talk to the parents and police and get the whole story of what happened. Finally, by 11 we were on our way home and I got more details of what happened. They ran because they were worried that the perps were getting in and would hurt them. Still no phone calls to police or parents??? There have been several break in's in the area lately but they haven't been caught yet. Grrrrr! But my cute Dylan and his best friend told me that while they were running they felt comforted and knew that angels were with them. They didn't tell the police this little bit but I was sure happy to know they were being watched over. At times I think it's so fun having him get older, but sometimes, I worry myself to death because of the world he is growing up in. He is such a good kid and I know would never cause harm or do anything wrong. I'm so very blessed to have such a great boy that remembers what he believes and relies on it often. It was quite the experience that we don't want to do again.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

6 months....

It's been 6 months since I was released from Young Womens. The first 2 months were TORTURE - worse than I ever anticipated. It was a huge part of my life and I LOVED IT! The funny thing was, I knew I was having the best experiences while I was having them. We had such great times together. I felt like the girls were learning and growing which made me learn and grow. I also didn't anticipate that - me learning and growing right along with the girls. By, oh... around 3 months, I was starting to deal with it. I knew they were ok and I knew I needed to be with my family more. I think I put it to the back of my mind for a couple of months, which was good. I am now the Bear Den Leader (not exactly my cup of tea) and it's nice to just follow the book and just have to do a one hour activity once a week. But now that it's been 6 months I'm going through withdrawals again. I don't necessarily want to be back in now, I just wish I could do it all over again. Same experiences, same girls, same leaders. I've watched the farewell video multiple times today and just cried. I miss my girls. I know they have moved on and are doing great with the new leaders. I know that the new leaders are doing a fantastic job. I know that I am where I need to be and that it's all good. But man.... I miss my girls!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A mothers love....

I am of the opinion that mothers are angels. They come in all forms - some are short, some are tall, some dark hair, some green eyes. The combinations are endless. I have to write about one particular mother right now. She is truly an angel. She brought one amazing girl into this world. This girl changed my life when she picked me to raise her baby boy. This girl knew that what she was going to do would be one of the hardest things she would ever do. But.... she had her mom with her every step of the way. Her mom raised 3 kids on her own and they are such great kids. Her mom was amazing. We were only around her 3 different times but she had such a gracious presence about her. She had been there - done that and come out shining. She taught her kids right from wrong, how to love, how to love music like she did and what family really means. This wonderful lady passed away last week. She was diagnosed with cancer last year. She fought a good and valiant fight. I love her for what she did while on this earth, the people she raised and the example she was. Like I said, we only were around her 3 times but you could just tell what kind of person she was. Jason and I took Braxton to the funeral. We got to see our angel for a few minutes before the funeral. She was, once again, so strong. I loved getting to give her a hug again. I know she's all grown up now with a new baby but I still think of her as my girl. She is so talented. She has a love of music like her mom. She shared that love of music during the funeral. She played the piano and sang at her moms funeral. I find that astounding - she played the piano and sang and she was incredible. She was my hero again. Braxton heard her play and said "Wow". So, to my girl: I love you and am so amazed by you. Your mom was one of a kind. I hope it's ok that I share this photo of placement. I LOVE THIS PICTURE! It says it all - me being overwhelmed with love and gratitude, Jason being speechless, a young lady doing a very grown up and hard thing, and a mom with her hand on her daughters back giving her support and love.