My people 2015

My people 2015

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Windy City

I love Chicago. Never been before but loved it.
Jason had to go there for work and I tagged along.
We spent the first 2 days in downtown Chicago
then went to Shaumburg for his conference.
I had my first official Chicago style deep
dish pizza and it was wonderful.
We walked and saw so many fun things.
We braved Chinatown and got me some
cute purses.
We got lost in the 2nd largest mall.
I read for an entire day while Jason
was in meetings - great!!!
Happen to be there the weekend of the "Gay Pride Parade" - there are no words.
We had a blast and the kiddos were good
for the grandparents.
Can't wait to go again!

"The Bean"from the movie "The Vow". There were probably 8 weddings in that park that Saturday. It was crazy.
A theater in downtown Chicago.
The only picture of us together because Jason didn't trust anyone with my phone. This was in the elevator of our hotel, where we forgot what floor we were on and had to be escorted by security. Nice!
The coolest thing I've seen in a while. There was a TV set in the bathroom mirror. Notice the remote too. I got a kick out of turning on the light and watching the TV click on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cheer 2012

My little cheerleader got to do her thing again for Art City Days. She was fantastic and is the best hip shaker I've ever seen. Go Red Devils!!

 She wanted to ride in the parade this year. I was a bit nervous about it but she sat with Shavon's two girls which made it better for me. She loved it!!


I just have to give my wonderful Dylan credit for his 4.0 the last term of school. He tried all year to get it and finally got it. He had just left for a YM campout when I got the mail with his report card in it. I quickly sent a text to one of the leaders to give him the message. He was so excited and now we have proof that he did it once, so he can do it again. Good job bud!!

Spa Days!

My little girly girl LOVES nail polish. She recently discovered that she can paint by herself. Not so sure about that. She's ruined lots of clothes already. Ugh!! One day while she was painting I remembered that I won this little foot spa at bunco and I've never used it. So, we pulled it out and she loves it. She soaked her feet, then brushed them, then painted her toes. Nati's friend Ava started all of this. They are so very cute together. Nati loves Ava and they have a blast with the polish. I am special enough to get my toes painted too. toes, and the skin all around my toes. It's quite the treat. We're working on staying in the lines and using nail polish remover.

Memorial Weekend 2012

Live wElle 2012

Our yearly tradition of running Elle's 5K was great once again. Mom came and walked it again this year. Dylan beat me by over a minute. Oh, how I miss the days when I was kicking his butt. Natalie won a scooter, which she was so excited about. It was a great day, as always!!

On Memorial Day I took the kids to the cemetary to visit my Grandpa & Grandma Lee's graves. We also found my Great Grandpa & Grandma Averett's grave as well. Then we went to Provo Cemetary to find Grandma & Grandpa Booke's graves. We spent 45 minutes looking for it and, sadly, couldn't find it. Next year!! They loved looking at the dates on the graves and talked about how old some of them were. It was a good wrap-up for the weekend.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good-bye Kindergarten

Our last day of Kindergarten!!

I say "our" because she is the caboose of the kindergarten years. I won't ever have a child graduate from kindergarten again. I was fine with it until that day. Just watching her sing the songs, and say her little part was a little rough for me. She is so excited so I'm excited for her but, I have to admit that my heart struggled a little and I'm sure it will the first day of 1st Grade. She had a great year and  a wonderful teacher. She's in tutoring for the summer so she's all ready for 1st Grade to start. Yeah Nati!!

Eating school lunch for the first time. She loved it!

With Mrs. Christensen - fabulous, caring lady!!

With Mrs. Sisk - love her! She's a good friend of mine which calmed my concerns for the year.

With both Grandma's. She loved having them there!