My people 2015

My people 2015

Monday, January 18, 2016

And....I'm back on the air!

Yes, it's me. I'm still alive. In fact, we all are. Alive and well. Hmmm, maybe "well" is dependent on the person and the day. Kidding! Yup, the Carter's are still here. I would love to procure a fabulous story, or have a wonderful tale to tell but I don't. Life has been just We've been eating (lots at times), sleeping, breathing in and out, walking, running, doing homework, running errands, making dinner, doing dishes, folding laundry, driving to countless practices, and doing all that this crazy life demands. But I've been thinking a lot lately about my lack of blogging, or what I like to think of journaling, and I've come to one conclusion. I suck! There have been so many moments over the past few months, possibly years that I should have taken just a few minutes to write things down. So, here we are. I know blogging isn't as popular anymore, that I'm aware of. Everything is all about a tweet, insta, posts, snap, etc. Sometimes I can't keep up. My only form of updating anything has been Instagram. I quite like a picture with a short caption or even no caption and DONE! Your moment is out there for your close friends and family to see. It's really been a good and easy thing for me. And I very much enjoy keeping up with those I care for through the same new-age outlet. But, as I said, lately I've been wanting to do just a  little bit more. So, here's to hoping that I can keep my goal of journaling a bit more regularly! I'm sure you'll glean more as time goes on (because I've made a goal and by golly I'm going to try to keep it....much better than I keep to a low sugar diet) about what we've been up to and what we're all about these days. Here's a quick recap:

Jason, still at BYU. Managing 4 different Creamery's. Still dabbling in Medicare Enrollment in the fall. Has discovered and This one thing could prove to! Loves to golf and cannot wait for spring. Continues to be our electronic guru.

Me, part time at Mapleton Junior High in the Special Ed Department. I LOVE my job! Still running, after a hip surgery 18 months ago and even ran my first marathon this last September. Trying to be helpful to Grandma but lacking in that department. Keeping up with kids. Turned the big 4-0 and definitely feeling it. UGH!!! Still love to read.

Dylan, 17!! Holy crap! He's a junior at SHS. Still loves to golf and was the golf team captain this past season. Working at Reams until spring when he'll go to work at his second home, the course. The proud owner of Bettys old car, the Impala. Dating. On the Stake Youth Council and recently spoke at a conference, he was fabulous! Currently playing basketball with friends and debating whether he'll let me continue to watch as I'm a little boisterous. If they'd just go in for the lay-up! He's one heck of a kid. Does his homework, most of the time. Takes care of his responsibilities, most of the time. Is much more spiritual now than I was at his age or am sometimes even now. He's a keeper!

Braxton, 12! I don't know where time has gone with this kid. He's in 6th grade and has decided that he wants to go to SJHS this next year because he's a Springville boy. He's so super smart. His teacher told me at the last conference that he's quite brilliant. We just need to harness his brilliance and focus it. He still struggles at times with ADHD. He's very passionate about certain things and hates to be wrong. He's currently playing basketball and is the star of the team. He's improved so much since last year. I'm a proud momma. He has joined his dad and brother with their love of golf. He too can't wait until spring to hit the course. He just finished with piano lessons. We fought him for a year and decided if he doesn't want to put time into it, we don't want to fight him. He was doing so well too. It kinda broke my heart. He is still Xbox loving, chicken noodle soup constantly craving and a new lover of anything either Costa Vida or Cafe Rio. He's my buddy!

Natalie, 9 and so very full of attitude. In 4th grade. Causing me lots of stress at times. Started in gymnastics last year and is kind of if-y on whether she likes it or not. It's helped recently that her little friend is in her class too. She is the proud owner of a hamster named "Marshmallow". She is amazing with him, except at cleaning his cage. What??? A child whining about cleaning an animal cage filled with little poops!! He's only been with us for a month so who knows what will happen. She still loves to play with friends, to the point that we have to require quiet time just to have some peace from her coming and going with little girls, and making mountains of messes in her room, which we recently cleaned, getting rid of 2 garbage bags full of crap. Whew! She struggles with different learning abilities, which is the cause of my stress with her. A year ago we were debating holding her back a year but after months and months of deliberation (sleepless nights, crying, meetings with teachers, praying our guts out), we decided to keep her going with the hope and prayer that she'll catch up. She's her own little person and she will for sure let you know that!

Oh, and Jason and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary in August so....we're continuing our celebration by going to Kauai in 21 days!! Yup, we go in 21 days. Alone! Without kids! Can I get an "Amen" and "Hallelujah"? It's been planned for 190 days and I've been counting down, with the help of my vacation countdown app, wink wink! But I promise to keep writing, even just for myself, because let's face it, time is going by and I want to remember it all!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Braxton....a year in review

 Playing on his monkey phone - only for games!
 Out to lunch with Grandma
 He volunteered for the dunk tank
 The might 5th grader - in yellow of course
 soccer season - all war painted up by the coach
 out for his birthday lunch - we ditched school!
 Skyrim birthday cake for the 11 year old!
 All the way at the top of the Y
 Birthday party with the boys at the rec center
 "Hey! Jack" - Uncle Si for Halloween
 Piano recital
 Bantam Basketball
 ordering a new air soft gun
 Lights at Riverwoods
 After a big win!
 Polar Express ward party
 Lights at Temple Square
 Sunday before Christmas
 New handmade with love - jammies for monkeys too!
 Look out!
 Ice skating with the family
New Years Eve!

Piano recital

His duet with Grace wouldn't load on here so follow this link to see it. Check your email, our angel!!

"When Christmas Comes to Town" sung by Braxton and Grace

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I know I haven't posted anything in quite a while, a year or so, to be exact. And you may think it's strange to post a picture of a can of spray paint - I have a point...stick with me. Hopefully it will all be worth it.
This past year has brought changes to my life. First, with Grandpa Ned passing away. This still tugs at my heart strings at times and brings a tear to my eye, especially when I'm with Grandma which is often. She's my side kick, as long as it's after 1 p.m. (she's a late sleeper). We go and get lunch, run errands for her or depending on my day I just take her lunch to make sure she's eating. She is one sweet little lady that I love spending time with.
Second, my kids getting bigger. I've reflected a lot over the past year on how quickly time passes. Often, while we're too busy to notice. I've tried (not always succeeded) to have more memorable moments with the kids. I really want them to look back and have great memories of silly things, like playing hide and go seek and not being discovered for about 30 minutes, and fun family times, like our cherished time in St. George for Spring Break. There have been a lot of what I call "tender mercy" moments that I will always remember and I hope they do too. For example, when I took Dylan out to say goodbye to Grandpa and seeing his heartbreak, or seeing Braxton glow after one of his piano recitals because he knew he'd done so well, or watching something click for Natalie after she'd try so very hard to learn new things that have been such a struggle for her.  I have amazing kids! I am truly blessed and I know it. I may want to pull my hair out at times (Dylan always "needing" things or being a taxi driver when I just want to lay down, Braxton arguing about putting the xbox away and playing outside, and Natalie just being Natalie....bless her heart), but I wouldn't have my life any other way. I am lucky!
Third, and more recently, I'm back to work! This is a big deal for me. I've been home since Braxton was about 6 months, so 10 years. I watched Riley for a few years, which was so fun. I worked from home for the bank for a year after I left. Other than that, it's just been me being home. I'd always dreamed of being able to stay home. I have a fabulous husband that supported me in this venture. We made it work. But all in full time school, I've had that itch to get back into the work force. I love being home but just need something that's very part time so that I can still be involved with the kids stuff during the day, and I really wanted something that's "mine". The house, the kids, everything is everyone's. My job is "mine". I have my running, which is my sanity and my other love, besides Jason (wink, wink). I love running. And now I love my job. I'm working at the junior high with some really great kids that bring a smile to my face every day. And with it being two days a week, I couldn't ask for more.
Lastly, I've been a spray painting obsessed person. It's really bad! Jason comes home not knowing what project I'm working on now. He's good and is never too surprised. When winter hit, my painting was somewhat stalled.....but the ideas (thanks to Pinterest) are flowing and ready to go when the weather permits again. I have such grand ideas that I want to have done before Natalie's baptism in May - kitchen chair seats repainted (colors I painted last fall don't quite agree with me), barnwood around the bar put up, entry table painted, mirror painted, and I'm sure I'll find something else too. It's spray paint and nothing is really permanent, which is what I tell Jason.
So when I think of the past year, I think of my spray paint. Lots of changes, good and bad, lots of great ideas, lots of color, and lots of fun! Here's to another colorful year!

Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm an Instagram girl!!

Hey all!!

I haven't posted in months and months due to lack of time and issues with my iphone that I no longer have - I'm an android girl. So just for anyone that is maybe periodically checking, please check Instagram because that's where I'm at. I'm under nickielcarter and would love to see any friends on there :) Hope everyone is doing good! I'll try to get something updated soon!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Shake it girl!

Yes, that's my girl - front and center. She was fabulous!

 She got flowers from her dance teacher, Miss Sara.
Her recital just happened to be the night of Grandpa Ned's funeral. It was a hard day and I really don't know how my parents managed to come to her recital after such a trying day.
 Grandpa and Grandma Carter were there also to see our girl shake it.
Good brothers being supportive.
Getting ready to go.
My cute little munchkin!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love me some BBall!!

I love watching basketball & more importantly I love watching my boys play basketball. They had a great season and learned a lot. Braxton was on a team with one of his good friends. He still has issues losing and not getting enough ball time - someday he will understand the concept of TEAM. Dylan played in the Springville League this year. He's played Mapleton up until now and we thought it might be a good idea if he got to know some other kids from Springville so that the transition from Mapleton Jr, High to Springville High will be good. They only won a few games but he has improved a ton and was playing most of the time. Braxton says he just wants to play basketball and nothing else. Good job boys!!
 One of his many baskets
 And another one
 He was a fast runner
And fought to get that ball

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My little bit of heartbreak

 Little farmer boy.
 During WWII Ned was in the Marines.
 Not too long ago, walking around the farm with his pitchfork.
 My last good-bye. I needed a picture of his hand.

I'm not sure how to write this without crying and at the same time do it justice. Here goes :)
This man is my Grandpa Ned. He passed away at home, peacefully on January 9th. He was 87 years old and he was ready to go. Ned was born and raised a farmer. He worked hard every single day of his life. About 3 years ago he had a stroke that took its toll on his little body and made walking a difficult and painful thing. He would curse his legs daily which was sometimes funny and a lot of the time heart breaking. I've never known a more independent, stubborn man. I spent a lot of my childhood out on the farm with my grandparents. Not so much actually farming - cows and I didn't get along well. But I would say we slept there at least one weekend a month and spent many other days there. It was usually my 2 older brothers & I and 2 other cousins that were always with Grandma & Grandpa. I have so many memories of wonderful times there. 
For the past 3 years I've tried to spend as much time with my grandparents as possible. Sometimes life got crazy and I wouldn't see them for a few days but it was never more than that. Mondays were usually Burger King days. Tuesdays were either Sonic or Great Steak. Wednesdays were, without a doubt Joe Banditos. Every single Wednesday we'd go with Aunt Marilyn and whoever else could come. The waiters all know us by name and have our order started as we walk in. Ned loved their chips and salsa. He would just concentrate on eating that. Thursdays were Burger King again, we had a lot of Burger King. Fridays were Chuck-a-Rama days. The weekends were a toss between Burger King again and another round at Chuck-a-Rama. They eat out a lot! I, on the other hand, was usually just along to be chauffeur - I can't eat out that much & Grandma's driving is....questionable :) But every time I would walk through that door Ned would say, "Well hello there girl". Like he hadn't seen me in months, like for that moment I was the one that brought a smile to his face. If Grandma was still in bed we'd sit and talk. At the time it was just getting glimpses into his past and getting advice for my future but, those talks were everything. He always told me he loved me. He always asked how my little family was doing. He made me laugh with his funny little anticdote's, he continually thought people were trying to steal from him. He recently told me that "Someone stole my shovel right out of the ditch". We would always reassure him that no one was stealing from him and everything was ok. On December 9th he was taken by ambulance to the hospital for severe pain. He came home the next day and we got some home health care to come in and help. I have a good friend that owns a company called iCare. I can't say enough or give enough praise to these people. One week later he was going down hill fast and we had iCare bring hospice in. They were so loving and kind with grandpa. I can't ever thank them enough for the respect they showed and the sincere love they had for both of my grandparents. We knew we had only days left. My aunt flew in and we all stood vigil by his bedside. But no one was there more than grandma. What an example of love, kindness, and commitment. She took such good care of him. I got to have a moment alone with him the day before. I told him how much I love him and recalled some fun memories. I held his hand and he smiled. My mom and aunt were there with Grandma when Grandpa went early that Wednesday morning. Death is a funny thing. I knew he was going and I knew it was time. I even knew he was wanting to and I know where he is. But I wasn't prepared for the heartbreak. Yes, he was old and yes it was time but those two things haven't made it a whole lot easier. Planning a funeral helped at first. The funeral turned out wonderful. I was able to go and cut his hair at the mortuary the day before. That one act was so very hard but I knew I needed to do it because I've cut his hair for a long time now. My mom and dad came too. I think it was good for me & mom to get the shock over before the viewing. Grandma wanted a tractor embroidered on the inside of the casket - who'd have thought :) My brother, Danny was Ned's right hand man. Danny found Ned's cattle brand and all of the boys got together and branded the casket. It was awesome. We put Ned in his nice farm clothes with a toothpick in his pocket because he always had one there. Family came from all over the country. Grandma's birthday was 3 days after he died. We were all there, something that hasn't happened in more than 15 years. She loved it and it was a great night together. My mom...there aren't words for her either. She has been there every day for everything.... doctor appointments, financial needs (helps when she works at the bank), grocery shopping, arranging for house maintenance, and just checking in every single day. I hope that my kids can show that much love when I need it.  My cousin Brent and his family have been wonderful as well. They live right across the street from them which put our minds at ease. They are great people that were always there for whatever they needed right then.
So to wrap it all up - Grandpa is gone. I love him and miss him every day. I am so grateful to have had him in my life. I will always remember the big things and the little things. Like I've told my kids who were so sad, Grandpa is our angel now.