My people 2015

My people 2015

Friday, September 23, 2011

What a pain!!

Well..... I figured that since I cannot run (big deep breath) I'd post about it. I CANNOT run. Those 3 little words are TORTURING me. And it's a long, painful, slow torture. Here's the short story. I ran too hard in June. I took a couple weeks off. I got shots in both hips. I ran a half marathon in August. I hurt everyday. I finally started physical therapy. I am feeling better - very slowly but it's happening. It's my second week into therapy and after 3 stressful, painful months I have had a couple of days without major pain, or limping, or wondering if I will ever feel normal again. It is like Christmas but better!! I still have a little ways to go but it will happen and I WILL run again.

My shoes that miss me almost as much as I miss them.

My wonderful hubby went to get me a drink one day when I was down about the whole running thing and came home with this. It's a 52 ounce mug. 52 ounces. That's a lot! I had to chuckle at his sweet gesture. My poor family has had to put up with all of my hip issues and I sure do think they are great.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Iris Addison Lee

This beautiful little lady is Iris Addison Lee, my newest little niece. She was born on August 29th. We are so excited for her 3 brothers along with her mom and dad. She will most definitely be spoiled and loved so much. Kellie has got the cutest girlie clothes and required accessories for her. Little Iris is so yummy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shhh, It's a Surprise!!!

Dylan is 13. He's 13. My little baby boy is 13. My Dylan is 13. He was a miracle when he came into my life and he continues to be a miracle to me. He was born a month early because I had severe toxemia. I was put on bed rest at 34 weeks and at 36 weeks he was taken by c-section. I remember it all like it was yesterday - being scared to death because the doctor was really concerned, the horrible delivery nurse that yelled at me, & Dylan being taken away before I got to hold him. I delivered at Mountain View and he was taken by Life Flight to UVRMC. I finally got to really see him and actually hold him 3 long days later. He was born weighing 4 lb. 12 oz - dropped down to 3 lb. 5 oz. and was almost back to birth weight one week later when we got to take him home. I will always be grateful for the wonderful NICU nurses that were so kind to us. Now 13 years later we had a big celebration for him. He wanted to have friends come over on Saturday night so we printed out (because other invitations aren't cool) invitations saying Saturday night and delivered them. Friday morning I made lots of phone calls to moms to change it to Friday night for a surprise party. It was kind of nerve wracking. I was worried that word got out and he knew what was going on. But, thank heavens, he didn't. Jason took him to "run errands" while all the kids showed up. He walked downstairs and found quite the surprise party going on. It was awesome! He loved it and was truly surprised. We had pizza and dessert, roasted smores and then they all climbed in the back of Jason's truck to play perpetrator. Great party - huge success. Happy Birthday to my little/now taller than me Dylan!!!

Wow - we were so young. And yes I had that double chin - massive water retention. I was soooo puffy - everywhere. My calves looked so awful, I had to stop wearing my wedding ring at 28 weeks, and bought shoes 2 sizes bigger.
I almost cry everytime I see this one. He had an IV in his head, hand and foot and was on the respirator because one of his lungs collapsed. His head had to be shaved for the IV. Here I was so excited for him to have hair and they shaved it. The nurses said "He is one sick baby". It was so hard to see my baby like this.

Yes, he was in there somewhere with all of those tubes and wires.

Ready, Set, Perpetrator!!

Super cute group of kids.

A little surprised!!

The girls. They are so super sweet, otherwise I wouldn't have allowed girls there.

My cute 13 year old.

Happy Birthday Dylan!! xoxo