My people 2015

My people 2015

Monday, January 18, 2016

And....I'm back on the air!

Yes, it's me. I'm still alive. In fact, we all are. Alive and well. Hmmm, maybe "well" is dependent on the person and the day. Kidding! Yup, the Carter's are still here. I would love to procure a fabulous story, or have a wonderful tale to tell but I don't. Life has been just We've been eating (lots at times), sleeping, breathing in and out, walking, running, doing homework, running errands, making dinner, doing dishes, folding laundry, driving to countless practices, and doing all that this crazy life demands. But I've been thinking a lot lately about my lack of blogging, or what I like to think of journaling, and I've come to one conclusion. I suck! There have been so many moments over the past few months, possibly years that I should have taken just a few minutes to write things down. So, here we are. I know blogging isn't as popular anymore, that I'm aware of. Everything is all about a tweet, insta, posts, snap, etc. Sometimes I can't keep up. My only form of updating anything has been Instagram. I quite like a picture with a short caption or even no caption and DONE! Your moment is out there for your close friends and family to see. It's really been a good and easy thing for me. And I very much enjoy keeping up with those I care for through the same new-age outlet. But, as I said, lately I've been wanting to do just a  little bit more. So, here's to hoping that I can keep my goal of journaling a bit more regularly! I'm sure you'll glean more as time goes on (because I've made a goal and by golly I'm going to try to keep it....much better than I keep to a low sugar diet) about what we've been up to and what we're all about these days. Here's a quick recap:

Jason, still at BYU. Managing 4 different Creamery's. Still dabbling in Medicare Enrollment in the fall. Has discovered and This one thing could prove to! Loves to golf and cannot wait for spring. Continues to be our electronic guru.

Me, part time at Mapleton Junior High in the Special Ed Department. I LOVE my job! Still running, after a hip surgery 18 months ago and even ran my first marathon this last September. Trying to be helpful to Grandma but lacking in that department. Keeping up with kids. Turned the big 4-0 and definitely feeling it. UGH!!! Still love to read.

Dylan, 17!! Holy crap! He's a junior at SHS. Still loves to golf and was the golf team captain this past season. Working at Reams until spring when he'll go to work at his second home, the course. The proud owner of Bettys old car, the Impala. Dating. On the Stake Youth Council and recently spoke at a conference, he was fabulous! Currently playing basketball with friends and debating whether he'll let me continue to watch as I'm a little boisterous. If they'd just go in for the lay-up! He's one heck of a kid. Does his homework, most of the time. Takes care of his responsibilities, most of the time. Is much more spiritual now than I was at his age or am sometimes even now. He's a keeper!

Braxton, 12! I don't know where time has gone with this kid. He's in 6th grade and has decided that he wants to go to SJHS this next year because he's a Springville boy. He's so super smart. His teacher told me at the last conference that he's quite brilliant. We just need to harness his brilliance and focus it. He still struggles at times with ADHD. He's very passionate about certain things and hates to be wrong. He's currently playing basketball and is the star of the team. He's improved so much since last year. I'm a proud momma. He has joined his dad and brother with their love of golf. He too can't wait until spring to hit the course. He just finished with piano lessons. We fought him for a year and decided if he doesn't want to put time into it, we don't want to fight him. He was doing so well too. It kinda broke my heart. He is still Xbox loving, chicken noodle soup constantly craving and a new lover of anything either Costa Vida or Cafe Rio. He's my buddy!

Natalie, 9 and so very full of attitude. In 4th grade. Causing me lots of stress at times. Started in gymnastics last year and is kind of if-y on whether she likes it or not. It's helped recently that her little friend is in her class too. She is the proud owner of a hamster named "Marshmallow". She is amazing with him, except at cleaning his cage. What??? A child whining about cleaning an animal cage filled with little poops!! He's only been with us for a month so who knows what will happen. She still loves to play with friends, to the point that we have to require quiet time just to have some peace from her coming and going with little girls, and making mountains of messes in her room, which we recently cleaned, getting rid of 2 garbage bags full of crap. Whew! She struggles with different learning abilities, which is the cause of my stress with her. A year ago we were debating holding her back a year but after months and months of deliberation (sleepless nights, crying, meetings with teachers, praying our guts out), we decided to keep her going with the hope and prayer that she'll catch up. She's her own little person and she will for sure let you know that!

Oh, and Jason and I celebrated our 20th Anniversary in August so....we're continuing our celebration by going to Kauai in 21 days!! Yup, we go in 21 days. Alone! Without kids! Can I get an "Amen" and "Hallelujah"? It's been planned for 190 days and I've been counting down, with the help of my vacation countdown app, wink wink! But I promise to keep writing, even just for myself, because let's face it, time is going by and I want to remember it all!