My people 2015

My people 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

About a week ago we were having one of the many "Mom, I'm bored" moments, so.... we went to feed the ducks. Nothing spectacular happened. It was just a fun thing for me to do with the kids. I don't remember ever taking Natalie. Braxton and Dylan were pro's before we got out of the car. Check out who is closer to them.... any ideas how that turned out - with the ducks running away and Brax saying "hey, wait for me." Silly kid.
Natalie and Braxton showing me how it's done.
Dylan showing his maturity and going off on his own. Where did the days go when he wouldn't dare to do that?
He honestly wanted to go swim with them. He makes me laugh.
She had to crouch down and try to talk them into coming closer. It was so cute to watch.
It was fun for the kids and I certainly got a lesson or two in duck feeding.

On a side note: Mom is starting her 3rd week of radiation. She goes everyday before work. She still can't feel her thumb and we are hoping that at least some feeling will come back. Her hair has started growing back, YEAH!!! Eyelashes are making a feeble attempt at coming back along with trying to keep her fingernails on. She is tired from the radiation but doing so great. She has 3 more weeks of this and will meet with the doctor at that point to continue with a game plan. I feel like we are on the downhill side with just a little ways to go. My little brother just buzzed his shorter than moms so that she could say that hers is longer. The things we do to make her smile. She's a trooper!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baseball, Baseball & more Baseball

I have discovered that I like watching baseball. Okay, in all honesty I like watching my kids play baseball. Dylan's last game was yesterday afternoon. It has been so fun to watch this year. I don't know what changed from last year to this year but I was so much more into these games. Jason coached his team which made things even more intense for me. It's interesting to hear what people say about the coach not knowing that the coaches wife is sitting right there. They took 1st place in the Mapleton league and went on to state. We had two games on Tuesday that were easily won. They played at 2 yesterday, won that one with the help of a great hit by Dylan and played again at 4, therefore leaving them about 10 minutes to breath, get a drink and go to the bathroom. Not a lot of time in between games especially in the 90 degree heat. They played so good and fought so hard to stay in. The time was up with the game tied at 7-7. So the extra innings started and we ended up losing by 1 run. They were crushed. It was hard to watch. I never realized the pressure that they put on themselves and the pressure that parents put on them. They played so good and I couldn't be prouder of them. It was a great season and I can't wait until next year.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The 4th of July

The best part of the day. Grandma reading to Natalie. Proof that life doesn't get any better.

I'm a little behind in posting. Our 4th weekend was so fun. My oldest brother Chris and his family flew in for the week not only for a vacation but to bless their baby. We spent the day of the 4th with Jason's family for the reunion and my family for a BBQ later that night. The reunion was fun. The BBQ was relaxed so it was perfect. We ate, and then the boys (Jason included) started a water fight. They had a blast while mom, Nati and I lounged. By the time we left there Nati was feeling warm so we just went straight to bed. Myah's blessing was the next morning and with not being sure about Nati, I took the boys and Jason stayed with her. I got her into the doctor the next morning and it turned out that she had an ear infection. Whew!! So that night Chris, Andrea & the girls came over to light some fireworks. They thought it was Stadium of Fire right in our driveway. It was a fun holiday celebration. A nice time to pay tribute to those who fight for our freedoms. Hope everyone had a safe and great holiday.

Dylan, McKenzi, Natalie and Braxton making silly faces for me.

our own personal sidewalk of fire

Now settle down boys!!
Andrea, mom with Myah, and Grandma Beth.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Booke Family Reunion

It was the 1st Annual Booke Family Reunion on Saturday. This is Jason's moms side of the family. Both of his grandparents passed away several years ago so it's great to see cousins and others that we just don't see more than once every few years. Jason's mom headed the entire thing up and did a great job. We had lunch, the kids hit pinatas, did a donut eating contest, played volleyball, frisbee and croquet. It was a fun afternoon. I am sad to say that I'm a bad mom and only put sunblock on Nati and Brax....thus poor Dylan got fried. His arms are lobstered but thanks to aloe vera he is feeling better. It was a fun day minus the sunburn.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Braxton's First Season

Doesn't look like it here but he was excited about his trophy.
"This is how I catch, mom."Showing me more of his moves on the ball field.

Braxton had his last t-ball game tonight. He had such a fun time playing this year. We thoroughly enjoyed watching him play....with his mitt, the grass, rocks, his teammates, and a little hitting and catching somewhere in there. It was so fun. He loved playing on his uncle Dustin's team with Carter and Grace, although he annoyed Grace more than anything. He got "a trophy and everything". Way to go buddy. Now on to soccer which I'm thinking is more his sport than baseball, but we'll see. And FYI, Dylan's team took 1st place in Mustang so they start the State Tournament in two weeks. Good times ahead!!