My people 2015

My people 2015

Monday, July 26, 2010

Camping at Strawberry

One of several times that Nati had to potty by the lake which resulted in me holding her to go potty. The one time boys are easier.
Me & my buddy.
Maddi & Natalie showing us our campsite.
The great campsite.
coloring, puzzles and games.
Nati & I testing out the water.
Brax & his crawdad.
Notice no funny faces (after a couple retakes)
My boys hangin' by the fire.
Nati got tired of waiting for the fish so she reeled in her line.
Dylan showing Nati how to cast.
Hoping for a big one.

We love camping!! Especially with family & friends. We went with Dan, Katy & their kids up to Strawberry. The bikes came along with us in hopes of finding someplace for the kids to ride. Dan found a great spot perfect for just us. We took the kids down to the shore to fish on Friday, but luck wasn't with us. No fish. We tried again the next morning and again, no fish. But.... we found the perfect spot for the kids to play in the water. They skipped rocks, played and Braxton even picked up a crawdad from out of the lake. They were everywhere. I felt bad for the dads because they were trying so hard to get the kids to catch a fish, but the kids didn't really care. We made tin foil dinners and smores and just had a fabulous time. It went by way too quickly. Thanks to Dan & Katy for coming and making it so fun. We can't wait to go again.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


All of the Soulvivors.
Tyler, Becca, me, Taylor & Bryson after the big "fight".
Literally seconds after getting clobbered by a whip cream balloon.
Shavon & I on top of the crater.

Sara & I down in the crater. Some of the kids went swimming inside.
Playing a game of BS.
Taylor & I on the boat.

What a great weekend! We had Youth Conference in Midway this year. A member of our bishopric's family has a cabin right across the street from The Homestead. Our theme was "Soulvivor". We started out with a morningside where my mom (cancer survivor) talked about how she survived. We did an activity to split up into tribes. The kids came up with tribe names, and a chant while driving. We had 3 different challenges each day. We spent Thursday boating on Jordanelle. I had heard about our great bishopric & their tendency to make sure that certain female leaders ended up nice & wet, so I went into the day knowing what was possibly coming. It came, I was tossed in when I was switching boats. I tubed with the girls, which made for a sore body the next day. It was fun but I felt old. Friday the kids got to enjoy all of the fun stuff to do at The Homestead. The whole thing went so well. Friday night ended with a water/silly string/hose/whipped cream fight. Super fun!! We have great kids who teach me more than I could possibly teach them.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Independence Day 2010

Everyone hanging out in the back yard. We just bought that shade and it broke while putting it up. So mad!!
Natalie & Gavin. They get along so great - it's super cute.
The big kids - Jaxon, Dylan and McKenzi (she's hiding).
Jason throwing the frisbee with Nati, Dylan, Brax, & Grace.
Braxton watching the fireworks.
The closest thing to a family picture before the fireworks. Yes, that is Jason's dads hand behind his head.

This summer has flown by so when the 4th of July came around we were all in shock that it was so far into the summer already. We had lots of family in town and therefore had lots of parties. I had a BBQ at our house on that Friday night with my family. My brother & his family was in town along with my uncle and his family from Texas. We put up the waterslide, slip & slides, blew up water balloons while eating lots of yummy food. Saturday we went with Jason's family to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks on the MTC park lawn. It's a tradition to do that & this year it was so nice because it wasn't scorching hot. The kids threw a football and frisbee until it was time. We went to a BBQ at Jason's parents house the next day. It was a great weekend to celebrate our country and the freedoms that we have.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Shavon & I in front of the prizes.
Me with Kellie and Joan. Kellie drove 12 hours that day to get there in time. Go Kellie!!
My mom was the official greeter at the party. She did so great!!
at the theater waiting...
little dark but this is Becca, me & Shavon.

This years Eclipse movie release was super fun but....SUPER STRESSFUL!!! We rented our own theater this year at Provo Town and did the annual party at Art City Trolley. The few months of stress was all worth it. The party turned out great and I LOVED the movie. Becca, Shavon & I have the party thing down to an art so it's an easy thing now. My brother & his wife & daughter came from Idaho to go with us, along with my cousin from Texas. She flew in early to go with us. They thought it was crazy fun. I had a blast and can't wait to go see it again.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pictures out on the farm.

The Larsen/Lee Family.
Me & my cute mom.
me with Beth & Natalie Beth.
Once again, we laugh and don't know why. But it's super funny!!
me with my cute hubby.
Our favorite one.
Really like this one too.
Danny, Jentry & Kacen
Chris, Andrea, McKenzi and Myah
Our family
Dustin, Kellie, Jaxon, Carter & Gavin.
Me with Ned & Beth
Me with the boys, parents & grandparents.
Mom & Dad with the grandkids.

My oldest brother has been in town for the 4th of July weekend. Actually he came early so that he could come and see the midnight release of Eclipse with us but that's a whole other post. Anyway we decided that while he was here that we needed to update family pictures and got thinking that it would be fun to take them out on the farm where mom grew up and we all spent a lot of time as kids. So we got Greg (he took our last fall pictures and did such a great job) to come to Mapleton and take them for us. He did a great job. We had a blast & I am so happy that we have some with Grandpa & Grandma.