My people 2015

My people 2015

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girl time is spelled "St. George"

Fabulous pool that we enjoyed all to ourselves on Friday and only other adults on Saturday.

Final meal - Can't have a trip without In-N-Out.
movie - where we snuck in cupcakes for a snack - cookies and cream all the way.

Angie & I.

Amy & Shea

Shea and I chilling on a couch waiting for the others.

The best ice cream ever.

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse - my new favorite.

There are not enough words for how great this trip was. The best description I can come up with is:

Laying by the pool for hours

Getting up whenever

Eating whatever


Reading by the pool for hours

Hanging out with good friends - love you girls!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bats, balls and bullet holes

I love the bats and balls - the bullet holes..... not so much. Here's how it went down. A couple of weeks ago Jason noticed some bullet holes in our vinyl fence right in front of where the trailer is and coincidently right across the street from the neighbor boys who we are certain don't really like us. We sat on it for a few days and then Jason had this thought that maybe, just maybe the gun was shot from inside our yard. He remembered the bb-gun being left inside the trailer from last years camping and decided to check it out. Right as the door to the trailer was opened, there sat the bb gun. We got our two boys together and asked Dylan first. His answer was "Nope, not me." Then came Braxton. He didn't even try to deny it. We were very mature parents - no yelling or massively angry words were used. Brax couldn't tell us why he did it or better yet, why after seeing what one bullet did, he kept going. We grounded him for a few days which was more torturous for us, and made him do lots of weeding. Hopefully he has learned his lesson after the many "You could have shot someone's eye out" or "We taught you better" or "What the crap were you thinking?". Now we feel bad for assuming it was the neighbors and will try to not say "Those darn neighbor boys" because we have the darn neighbor boys.

On to better things - baseball season is here. Jason is coaching Braxton's team again. Opening day began at 9 with a game and the parade at 10. Brax is improving each year and so far he is doing great. He is always making sure that I am watching him which is so super cute. He is so excited to play and we love watching him.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preschool Graduation!

Natalie with Miss Spresser, Ms. Teresa and Ms. Lacy. We love these ladies for all that they did for the kids. Nati is certainly going to miss them.
The "Nati" grin.

Her and Riley - that's as close as they would stand to eachother. Looks more like brother and sister than buddies that play together everyday.

My cute little graduate.

Just after getting her diploma.

Yeah!! Notice the tassle is right in her face. She wasn't sure how to move it.

She had to memorize a part for the program.

"It's great to be an elephant,

All big and fat and round.

And wander through the jungle

Just elephing around."

She said it all by herself. Super proud moment!

Our cute little Natalie has graduated from preschool. There was a graduation ceremony and everything. It was adorable. All of the parents and grandparents were sitting in the gym waiting for it to start when the kids came in single file singing one of their songs. The whole thing was absolutely adorable. They sang songs, recited their parts and got their diplomas. We are so proud of her and so excited for all her upcoming adventures in Kindergarten.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

California Gurls

Saturday night was Natalie's very first dance recital. Yes, you are going to see lots of pictures. We were a little excited. She started taking dance in January and has LOVED it. She has looked forward to it each week and it has been used as bribery for some time now. Her little group danced to "California Gurls" and "RESPECT'. They were so great. Nati shook her little hips and did so great. She loved all of the attention and she loved the costume and the make-up and her hair being in curlers and getting up on the stage. She loved it all so much that she is ready to do it again. Her teacher is fabulous and we are so excited for fall to come so she can dance again.

Cute little pre-k girls!

Showing me her cute costume.

with Gma & Gpa Carter.

After the show.

with Gpa & Gma Lee and Gma Larsen.

with her teacher, Sara. Yes, your eyes are seeing right. She's making that face again. Good thing she's cute.

"Natitude" She knew she was all that and a bag of chips.

You have to watch the whole thing. Nati is the one on the end with that little pouty face. Just try to not giggle to yourself at the end of her dance. It was so cute but so funny. She saw me sitting right there with the camera and kind of forgot to pay attention. Super cute!!