My people 2015

My people 2015

Monday, May 24, 2010

All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten!

Getting his "Diploma".
Brax with Grandma Tractor by the growth chart. He grew a whole 1/2".
Braxton & his teacher Mrs. Briggs

Yeah, we survived! Braxton finished Kindergarten & we couldn't be happier. He had his program Friday morning. He had a part to memorize - "Bears wear pajamas and sleep in beds. This is fiction." He did it perfectly. He was so good to sit there and sing the songs and give his line. We had Grandma Tractor come to watch as well. Both of the other grandparents had to work so he really wanted Grandma Tractor there. There was one point in the program where all of the kids (sitting boy girl boy girl) were supposed to hold hands for a song. Yeah.....Brax wouldn't hold hands with girls so he just sat there. It was great! He is reading everything and has really come a long way. It's amazing how much they learn in Kindergarten. He is so smart and such a good boy. We are so proud of him.

Natalie has watched this video a ton. It was so cute. He was so into the part.

Mr. Honor Roll

All of the kids.
Jason, me & Shavon "playing" kickball.
Shavon & I (the ones who really did the work)
Dylan, Wyatt & friends.
getting his medal, candy & certificate.
Dylan and his teacher, Mrs. Call
On Friday Jason & I went to watch Dylan get his certificate and medal for5th Grade Honor Roll. He has been working on it all year long. They are given 24 different options out of which they had to chose 12 to do. Some were easy - Battle of the Books, try out for the 5th grade play, work in the 5th grade store. The ones that took the longest were the family history report (which I pretty much did because we only had 2 weeks left) & the power point presentation. He worked really hard to do it. Oh and wasn't required to do it. The only incentive was getting the medal, certificate, dinner and PLAYING KICKBALL AGAINST PARENTS. Yup, Jason & I along with all of the other parents played kickball against the kids. It was really a fun night to be with just him. The weather held out long enough to play, eat and have a blast. We are so super proud of him for doing it!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All things Pink!!

Hat, water bottle, ring, necklace, bracelets & golf ball.
my favorites.
Proof that I did it.
last years motto.

I was a big brave girl today. I went and had a mammogram. Yeah for me!! I was nervous and a little scared, which would explain my lack of sleep last night. But I did it. The nurse was so fabulous and kind. She questioned why someone my age would be there but understood when I explained that although my mom was super brave and strong, I don't know that I could be - so I need to take precautions early. I had a moment while there and had to wipe away a few tears. I kept thinking that when my mom did this last year it didn't turn out as good as mine did today. I got home, wiped away some more tears and looked at all of my pink stuff that I have collected over the last year. So, while here in my "pink" moment, you get to see it. My favorites are my wishbone necklace, my pink rubber ring and my pink ribbon bracelet. A good friend gave me the necklace which came with a saying that goes something along the lines of "when the string breaks your wish will come true." I have tried to be so careful with it because I don't want to lose it. I wear my ring everyday. Jason found the golf ball last year up at Hobble Creek Golf Course - I thought it was super sweet of him to save it for me. I wore the purple "Cancer Sucks" bracelet lots last year along with the pink "hope" one. I have never been one to wear pink but I now have a few pink shirts & hats. So now you have seen my small collection of pink stuff. I still look for more fun, unique things to add to it. Life is good and I was brave!

Batter up!

Braxton up to bat.
Dylan's team.
The A's.
Braxton on 3rd base.

Let the games begin! It was opening day for baseball on Saturday. We started out with Braxton's first game at 9 followed by the parade at 10. Jason is coaching him this year & we are amazed with the progress he has made from last year. He still chews on a piece of his mitt (which I have told him repeatedly that it's full of germs), and still dives for the ball but he actually- kind of-in a round about way- knew what was going on. The parade was lots of fun. I got to sit in the back of the truck with the kids and throw candy. Dylan is playing as well so this summer will be filled with lots of baseball fun - AGAIN! I love it!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mothers Day Weekend to Remember

It was a Mother's Day Weekend to Remember!!! Last year at this time my mom was sick from chemo and fighting for her life. So this year we celebrated her life. We went up to SL for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. I had heard how great it is and wanted mom to go and see all of the other survivors. We got there early enough, got my shirt and her shirt and walked around checking things out. It was amazing! The amount of people there were unbelievable. There were different groups together with different cute shirts on. Mom's shirt was bright pink with Survivor written up the side, so everytime we saw one of those shirts we had a moment. The race began (although with wall to wall people I don't know how anyone could run) and we walked the 5k route. We finished the walk back at the Gateway and shopped around there & went to see the Survivor Parade. Mom wasn't up for that this year but says she'll do it next year. There were all of these women, some bald with hats on, standing there together & we both couldn't help but cry. It was a sight I won't ever forget. We finished there and started home, with a stop at Hobby Lobby (my new favorite store). When I got home I noticed two hanging baskets on my porch. Jason had taken the kids shopping while I was gone & then riding motorcycles after. So I pulled up from an emotional but great morning and cried again. Braxton picked one out and Jason and Dylan picked out the other. I love them!! We went out to dinner that night. They made me breakfast in bed the next morning and totally catered to me all day. It was truly the best Mother's Day ever. I am so blessed to have such a great husband and great kids. I am so blessed to have the best mom ever who, even when fighting to stay strong herself, manages to keep everyone else strong. She is my hero and my example of hope, love and family. Thanks to my mom for more than words can say and to my family for making my life so grand.

You have to look through the trees but there are the survivors.
The sign that made me cry.
Finishing it together.
My cute mom followed by thousands of people.
The start of the race. The lady that took this picture had just found out in March that she has cancer. I'm telling you - it was an emotional experience that I will never forget.
My 3 miracles.
I love them even when they are silly!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A day of Sam Books and Snow

He's oh so happy.
after eating lots of pizza and cheese sticks.
his certificate.
once inside the building - my proof to Dylan that we were 1st in line.outside freezing.
All of the other crazy parents trying to make kids happy.

Oh how I love my kids!! They learned the depth of a mothers love on Friday. The day of love started at 4:30 am. I got up and went with Amber to get the two boys signed up for Shadow Mountain. It's a 5th grade 3 day summer camp held in June. Dylan was so funny when he came home a couple of months ago with the flier. He wanted to "sit down and talk to you and dad." Apparently he thought he needed to sell us on the idea - not knowing that both Jason & I went when we were that age. So Amber picked me up at a little after 5 and we packed up camping chairs, umbrellas, and were dressed to the extreme. It was snowing when we left and kept snowing the entire time. We were lucky enough to be first in line for the boys so we had a 2 ft. cover of the building but it was still dang cold. So...he is going and is so super excited. I will say that it is crazy that we have to go sign our kids up that early, but it's worth it. Then after crashing for a couple of hours we got to celebrate. Braxton has been reading "Sam Books". There are 51 books that they start reading once they get the reading concept down. He has been working so hard to get them done. We told him once they were done that we would get to do whatever he wanted. He chose to go to Pizza Pie Cafe - over McDonalds and Carl's Jr. Ok?? great with us, but a little strange for him. So we went Friday night and stopped at the creamery for his favorite ice cream after - Marionberry. If you know Brax you know that he doesn't like anything to do with girls, including colors. His favorite ice cream is pink...go figure. It was a fun night for him and we are so proud of him for reading his books.