My people 2015

My people 2015

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School

Brax being not so sure (which started me worrying).
Time to go.
Big 5th grade grin.
So stinkin' cute.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! I know that sounds cruel, but I was so ready for school to start. We had a fun summer but that last couple of weeks was a bit much for me and the kids. It's a big, big year for us. All three kids are in school this year! Dylan is in 5th grade with Mrs. Call. Braxton started kindergarten with Mrs. Briggs, and Natalie starts preschool on Monday. Yes, that's right, all of you moms out there can be jealous. I get 3 hours a day, two days a week ALL TO MYSELF. I have paid my dues and it's my turn. Anyway, Dylan's first day was pretty normal. The only difference from last year to this year was that he was totally stressed about what he was wearing the first day. He laid all of his shirts out and asked our opinions several times before deciding. Then came Braxton's first day. He was so excited to wear new clothes, new shoes, have a new backpack. I walked them down to the bus (Dylan also told me he was too old to have his mom walk him to the bus stop) and we took a few pictures. The bus pulled up, he said good-bye and got on. Our wonderful bus driver must have noticed me taking pictures and told me to come on the bus and take one of him in the seat. I got back home and downloaded the pictures and noticed that Brax looked kind of sad on the bus. Ok, so I may have shed a tear or two after seeing that picture. But he came home so excited and had such a good day that all of my fears vanished. I'm just happy that both boys are doing good so far and that things are moving right ahead....until Monday when Nati goes. I'll let you know.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How time flies

Dylan turned 11 today. I have an 11 year old.... um, I have an 11 year old. How did this happen?? I have been thinking that thought all day long. And to think that in a year he'll be passing the sacrament. Heaven help me. I am in awe of how well he has turned out, so far. He has been so excited for his birthday, counting the days, making sure we all knew how close it was. I picked him and his 2 best buddies up from school and took them bowling today. They had a blast. Dylan took 1st place the first game and "dead last" the second - out of 3...dead last. (His exact words - I'm still laughing). Right after his friend party we had the grandparents over for dinner. He picked the menu - chicken fried rice, magelby's rolls, salad, and chips and dip. I asked him the other day what kind of cake he wanted me to make. He usually ponders this for months and this year he just wanted a Nascar cake. Kind of random for him - guess it's the age. So I tried to do a Nascar cake for him. He had a ton of fun with friends and family helping him celebrate. He is such a good boy, always helping me with anything, keeping the peace between Nati and Brax. He and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication on Sunday. It was such a great experience for both of us. He told me as we were driving home that he really felt the Spirit and that he had tears in his eyes for some of it. He's just a good kid and I am so blessed to have him. Happy Birthday Dylan! I don't know what I would do without him.
New Nerf gun - yeah for me!!
Dylan, Tanner and Wyatt - his best friends.
I was having issues lighting the candles on the cake so mom had to step in and help.
so handsome.
Having a great day!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Braxton's Amazing Talent

It was the Talent Show for our primary today. They passed around sign-ups a few weeks ago and I seriously couldn't think of anything too astounding that my boys can do - not that they aren't talented, just not musically talented. Dylan didn't want to "do" anything in front of anyone so he displayed some of his wooden models that he collects. Braxton didn't want to take anything so the only thing I could think of was how loud he can click his tongue. He can ruin eardrums and stop traffic with that clicking. It is seriously so loud. So he got up there and clicked in front of everyone. He was nervous and just wanted to do it once until they clapped a bit and he did it again. If you watch the video you can see a girl totally jump when he does it the second time. One of our little neighbor friends laughed so hard after. It was great. He's got talent!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

14 years and still loving it!

Father of the bride getting a smooch.
Jason with his parents
I remember being so embarrassed at the time with my baby brother and Jason's baby brother watching - such an intimate moment!!
Our announcement picture - back in the days of wearing all denim.
Our first date - Sweetheart Dance waaaay back in 1991. When big hair, mini mullets, and barely touching in pictures was"in".

It was our 14th wedding anniversary yesterday. Time goes by so quickly but I still remember the giddyness I felt when he asked me out the first time and how nervous he was when he proposed. I am so blessed to have him and now 14 years, 3 kids, and many life changes later, he is still the love of my life. We went out to dinner the day before because I had a big YW activity on the actual day. What a great husband to forgo celebrating the day of. We couldn't decide where to go to eat and ended up going to Brick Oven. Classic for us but I still love the food. Then last night I was so crazy trying to get everything ready for YW that I didn't make dinner so Jason had leftover pizza from our night out and the kids had corndogs. Nice, I know. Thanks for 14 great years my sweetheart. Love you so much!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Countdown to California & Braxton's picture

I am oh so excited for our vacation. I even made a countdown calendar to get the kids more excited (as if they needed to get more excited). They are taking turns putting Mickey Mouse ears on each day. It has been fun and works as bribery to be good everyday.

I couldn't resist. This is a picture that Braxton drew in Primary yesterday. It was supposed to be a picture of the brother of Jared and he turned it into a pirate picture(upside down). Not that I'm surprised - everything is pirates. He explained what it was with that tone of as-a-matter-of-fact/not a big deal/why are you asking me. He's so funny.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meeting Marcia

Excitement for the week (amid the truck and washer issues) - I got to meet one of my favorite authors. Her name is Marcia Lynn Mcclure. I started reading her books several years ago and introduced them to my good friends Amber and Krissie. They loved them and were ordering them faster than I could. Amber found out that Marcia was coming to Utah for book signings, so we went and met her in Orem on Friday night. We waited for almost 3 hours to meet her and we were about 20 people back from the start. She's a talker. She signed our books and chatted for about 10 minutes with us. We gave her some of our wishes for future books and she even wrote our husbands a little note too. It was so fun. The night ended with dinner at Macaroni Grill. Totally great night that made my not so great week so much better. Thanks to Amber and Krissie for taking me and to Marcia for writing the books I love so much!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here we go again...

No - you are not seeing things. This is Jason's truck having issues AGAIN. We have had a fun week. By "fun" I mean that I had a major meltdown. Tuesday afternoon Braxton came running upstairs saying that there was water coming from the ceiling downstairs. I ran down and yes, water was everywhere around the air hockey table. My first thought was that the fridge had something wrong with the water line. That would have been better than what it was. Our washer broke and kept filling with water without ever draining. And.... the drain that is supposed to go to the main water line goes nowhere. Therefore, water everywhere. I paniced and called Shavon, who wisely sent her husband over to help. I knew Jason was doing his interview and couldn't be disturbed. Doug came running. We blocked the drain and started bucketing out the washer. It was lots of fun. He saved my carpet and air hockey table from more destruction. Then Jason came home. Not sure that was a good thing. He walked through the door, got all of my gushing details and told me that his truck was having expensive problems. Then came the meltdown. Long story short... new washer and new part for the truck all in a weeks time. Here I am trying to be good, pay debts off and this happens. Not fun, but that's life and what do you do? Have to have a washer and a truck so I am sucking it up and moving on. On a fun note - Jason was interviewed by Channel 2 News for a story on the Creamery. I got it to download so keep scrolling down to watch. He's a cutie!!

New lawn ornament?!
flashback to earlier this year.
the ceiling still drying out before it can be fixed.

Jason's TV Debut

I couldn't get it to download from the internet so I just shot it from the tv onto my camera. If you listen close you can hear Nati getting ticked because she wanted me to pause it on Jason's part. Good times!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Incredigirls" Girls Camp

The bishopric playing games with the girls. I don't know of many that would get down and dirty like that. They are such wonderful men.Jen, Becca, Shavon, Kaye and me. I had so much fun bonding with the girls and these wonderful ladies. Our ward - a wonderful group of girls.
One of the cabins that we stayed in.

This last week has been so fun. I was put in as YW 1st counselor last Sunday and the girls left for camp on Monday. I was so sad when they left knowing that I couldn't go until Wednesday. I was so anxious driving up to Heber. The memories of me going to girls camp when I was younger (a long time ago) made the anticipation so much more. When I got there, within minutes, I was bombarded with hugs. Such a great welcome. We had dinner with the stake leaders that night. I was over the devotional that night - kinda nervous about that - then we chilled out, did hair, ate junk and laughed until so late. The next morning was the challenge course, Incredigirlie time, letters from home, and to top off the day the bishopric came up for dinner after they played games with the girls. Camp ended with testimony meeting. It was such a fun two days. The girls all got along so well, helped with chores and just made it a great spiritual week. I am so excited to work with the girls, other leaders and especially with Shavon. I couldn't ask for a better calling.

Girls Camp part 2

Yes, this is me. Shocking I know. I was seriously so scared, but decided that I needed to buck up and show the girls that their leader could do it also. It was fun & I'm glad I did it. It was part of the challenge course - the one that I dared do.
Me with Emily right before she went. Gotta love the gear that they make you wear.
Some of the Beehives and Miamaids doing the "Trust Fall." I wasn't brave enough for that one. Not because I didn't trust the girls...just their ability to hold me.
Being cute girls.
Hair braiding anyone? After we had the devotional Wednesday night we sat around braiding hair. We giggled and laughed until the wee hours of morning. I was so tired the next day but I wouldn't have it any other way. I remember doing the exact same thing. It isn't girls camp unless you are up way late.